Prophet Justice Hara

Prophet Justice Hara is the founder and leader of Ambassador for Christ Ministries (ACM); ACM is an inter-denomination ministry where different people of various Christian churches meet and fellowship together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the authority from our father YAHWE in Heaven.

  1. Amen for ACM we are not the same. We love this ministry thank u for the vision.


    We are greatful to God for sending Prophet hara to South Africa, our lives will never be the same again, we have been caltpulted to a higher lever, destinies have changed, we received prophecies, revelations and Rhema word from God, you are a blessing to us, a gift given from God,….yersterday Sir, we had our first meeting of our felloship, it was glorious, we shared the word of God and reminded each other what you tald us when you are here,
    We are patiently waintig for your second visit next month,

    Have a glorious and fulfilled life….we love you with Gods love sir

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